About Us


At Charming Flamingos we strive to sell the most comfortable/cute clothing and accessories at great prices, to give every woman confidence through their outfit! Every item we carry is handpicked, fun and most everything is super soft or stretchy. We try to be as honest as possible with every product we sell, letting you know the feel and the fit so that you will love it and come back to shop with us.


Here at Charming Flamingos we believe that you feel the greatest when you love what your wearing, so we want to provide the best quality clothing at the best prices. We are a Mother (Nicole) and Daughter (Brittney) team. We hope to have loyal customers each and every time after they shop with us. 

What makes us different is that we only carry small quantities of each item, sort of like "Limited Edition" so once something is available to purchase that could be the only time it is available. This keeps it fun for us to carry a lot of different items at once, to better suit the wants of our customers and not have everyone wearing the same thing! This is also why we have the "Shop Now, Pay Later" option at checkout because sometimes you really want something but don't want to buy it at that time. Sezzle allows you to get what you want for a 1/4 of the cost up front! It's a win - win all around! 

We appreciate everyone who shops with us, big or small. 

We are always open for requests and ideas, you can email us at info@shopcharmingflamingos.com or even send us a message on any of our social media platforms. 




Your probably thinking why the name "Charming Flamingos"...

The name came from the fact that we love flamingos, but there is a deeper meaning to it. Flamingos are known to stay in flocks and protect each other. They fly with their head held high. We saw this to represent our mother/daughter relationship. My mom has always taught me to keep my head held high, and shows support through everything I do. So I thought we are like 2 flamingos and we had to throw in that word "charming" because... we are!

My name is Brittney and I am currently 21, I started this business in 2017 at the age of 19. In freshman year of high school, I used to sell my own personal clothes, I had an instagram page for just that. I actually did pretty well with it, my mom would have to drive me to the post office all the time to ship out my orders. It was called "Britt's Classy Closet". I have an entrepreneurial mindset so it wasn't long before I was moving onto something else, but selling clothing and accessories was always in the back of my head. I loved the idea of selling clothes! Years went by of working for someone else and following their schedule, their rules, their ideas... The thought of owning my own clothing store came to my head again, so I decided to make a facebook page because I wanted to make it happen (this was 2016) I named it "Changing Seasons Boutique" I still have it on FB just for reference! Again, I never did anything with it... It sat for another year, finally I had some things happen at my job. I quit, I decided that I wanted to be a coach for business owners (that didn't work out). I tried at that and it failed miserably, so then I declared to my Mom in a text message July 2017 "I AM GOING TO START AN ONLINE BOUTIQUE". She thoguht it was awesome and encouraged me. I had this huge brand and idea in the back of my head for years and I was finally bringing it to life. Pink and teal, comfy and cute clothes... I went to work all day everyday, late through the night doing my research. I literally didn't have a mentor or anything, I figured out all the legal stuff and how to register a business, how to pay taxes.. I worked hard to find vendors, I went to work on all of it from July-Oct. You see I kept pushing my dream to the side trying to find something else I loved because I didn't believe it would happen. Now here WE are, making it happen. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! 

We want you to build a huge flock of Charming Flamingos by providing the best products at the best prices. 

We will strive to have outstanding relationships with manufacturers and brands so that we can always provide our flock with favorable items and grow our brand in the future. 

                     Stay Colorful, Babe.