Become A CF


If you love clothes, taking pictures, have lots of girlfriends and enjoy social media then you might love this opportunity. 

Being a Charming Flamingo is like getting paid in clothes to share pictures of you in them!

Upon joining our flock you will get free credit based on your discount code being used for purchases, exclusive discounts every time you shop, and exclusive discounts for your friends and family.

How does it work?

Each rep contract lasts for 6 months. You will be required to purchase at least 2 items at 35% off a month, whatever you want. You then have to post at least 3 clear and crisp photos of you wearing the items, between instagram and facebook, as well as posting in our facebook group and interacting in it (like, comment, share). We want the items to be represented well, and shared with your followers, friends, and family. You must tag us in the pictures you post in our items, and share your unique code you design to give 15% off to your followers. By also  signing up you allow us to use the photos you post if needed.

You don't have to have a TON of followers...although it helps. Just passion and people to share our brand with!

Here is how to rewards work,



These are totaled and given at the end of each month.

If this sounds like it interests you please fill out the form below, if not you may like to "Host a soiree' with the same rewards and tell us a little about yourself.

Please understand that we have the right to deny any entry, as we carefully review each and every one. Private accounts will not be considered due to the fact that we will not be able to view them quickly. We do not ask you to make your account public if it is private, that is your own responsibility. If you are accepted you must agree to follow the rules and guidelines, and we have the right to drop you from our Rep List if rules are not followed.